Creative Retrocomputing Use for 386s and 486s

From: Shawn T. Rutledge <>
Date: Fri Apr 10 19:14:36 1998

Francois wrote:
> If you want it bad enough everything is possible.
> I do belive it is our duty to perform these tasks. An x1541 cable allows you
> to connect a commodore disk drive to a PC why not make it the other way
> around and use the PC as a disk drive "server" for the C64, VIC20 and C128?

Awfully ironic though isn't it? :-)

> stuff can be built for a few $. I think Jameco still sells prototype boards
> for the ISA bus.

I've seen them recently still at local electronics stores as well. ISA is so
much easier to build custom boards for than PCI.

> PS: I know this comes up regularly but... I'm changing ISPs What is the best
> way to deal with the address change?

Get an account at a "lifetime email" service, like Bigfoot or Four11. When
you move, you just redirect it.

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