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Date: Sat Apr 11 07:38:49 1998

I had looked in jameco's catalog before, and the prices seem rather high! $25
for a single mathco is outrageous. i remember they did/do sell system boards
that arent necessarily state of the art for 2-3 times a "normal" price. do
they still sell apple parts? mouser electronics (if still around) might have
parts cheaper.

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<< >I realize that this may not quite reach the 10year mark, but not many
>people deal with even this old of hardware. (Is there a group out there
>for "obsolete" yet non-yet-classic hardware?)
 10 years? Yes. The 80386 was designed in 1985, so the 387 couldn't be to
 much later than that.
>I need to find somewhere to get many i387 chips. (I currently need about
>15 to 20 of them.) Anyone know the best place to start looking?
 The EXACT place to look is Jameco, at http://www.jameco.com . In their
 newest catalog, they list the 80387 (unter Integrated circuts and then under
 Math Coprocessors), they have: (prices for the 10-99 range)
 80387-33 $25.95
 80387-40 $29.95
 80387-16SX $34.95
 """""""""20"" $39.95
 """""""""25"" $44.95
 I can give part #'s if you're interested.
     Hope this helps,
 Tim D. Hotze
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