You've got to be pulling my chain... (Ethernet)

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sat Apr 11 20:11:27 1998

On Apr 11, 23:08, Tony Duell wrote:
> > Some versions and OS vaiations allowed a 2KW IO space. I've run RT-11
> > that way.
> Yep, you're right. The standard on Unibus machines was for a 4kW I/O
> space. I've seen PDP11/45's and PDP11/34's that were modified for 2kW I/O
> space, and, indeed, undone the mods. Some Q-bus machines had 2kW I/O
> space as standard, I think.

The 11/03 is the most notable one with a 2KW I/O space, but that's a mod, not
the standard. Quit commonly done, though, because it was only 16-bit address.

> Didn't the 11/24 have an optional unibus map card (the KT24?) I've never
> seen one - my 11/24 is a pretty minimal configuration.

Yes, I've got one, and it is indeed 22-bit. The problem is, I only have the
board set, not the backplane, front panel, etc. I have a spare backplane, and
I once inrtended to rewire it and build a panel, but never found enough info
(the second slot is wired to the first in a non-standard way, to accomodate the
Unibus map connections).

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