Asshole<---drop this too!

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sun Apr 12 12:16:07 1998

<From: Enrico Tedeschi <>

<You did not say CAN but you said COULD and that, in my bad understanding
<the English language, is an offer. But I am not going to argue about that
<I gladly accept your kind offer now. Thank you. Hoping to hear from you s


First stop it. Second, if you didn't understand it I believe the comment
was sarcastic IE: we could find you a trs-80 case but since you've been
such a pain it has become highly unlikely.

There was no offer to supply one and there was no agreement save for you
trying to instigate one.

A trs-80 with a keypad (one of the earliest options!) is historically
valid. Also historically valid was lower case mod, 2x processor speed up
and several different ones applied to the cassette read. This is an
athoritive statment as I was in the employ for TANDY from 1976 through
1979 and did consulting for another year after that.

If you say you wanted the "first trs80" you should have specified one
that must have the 170069A PWB, and no mods/option installed. That
would have gotten you a 4k L1 machine in the first production series
(under serial number 20,000 or so). You would have had to clarify if
serial number greater than 0 or 1 was acceptable. Your lack of
knowledge of RADIO SHACK computers and how they were sold from
introduction is your loss.

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