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From: Enrico Tedeschi <>
Date: Sun Apr 12 14:59:12 1998

We all live on conventions. When I tell somebody to switch the light off I
don't have to trell him/her that I want the light of the roon I am in to be
switched off and that he has to wlak towards the lgiht switch and that he/she
has to flick the witch on side or another. I just rely on past experience and
conventions and I expect the other person to behave in a conventional manner.

When I say that I waould like the very first model of a manufactured product
I, by convention, mean that I would like a sample of the first model which
came out (not a prototype), of the first series (not an upgraded and modified
one) etc. I have no doubts about the historical importance of a sreis one
TRS-80 with numeric keyboard. It is simply what I wan NOT looking for.

Anyway the matter in contest in NOT just that I have not got what I asked and
was promised but that the conman did not send it than about TRHEE MONTHS later
than I send my side of the deal (while swearing that he had sent it but
unfortunately he could not find the TWO receipts for it) and that even that
took some help from the keeper of this list to achieve. He (the conman)
probably relyied on the assumption that being so far away he could could get
away with it without much trouble. I never suggested that he would try this
locally as usually this kind of people are cowards and they are driven by
oppurtunistic motives and reasons.



Hotze wrote:
> >First stop it. Second, if you didn't understand it I believe the comment
> >was sarcastic IE: we could find you a trs-80 case but since you've been
> >such a pain it has become highly unlikely.
> Kind of right. I was saying that if it was REALLY NEEDED and you couldn't
> ignore a row of 5x4 keys or so on your TRS-80, that there's probably someone
> who has either a spare case, or a will to trade their keypad-less TRS for
> yours.
> >There was no offer to supply one and there was no agreement save for you
> >trying to instigate one.
> Exactly. However, seeing as it will make a fellow collector happy, should I
> stumble across the model you mention, I'll tell you, and probably pay for
> half or more of the shipping.
> >A trs-80 with a keypad (one of the earliest options!) is historically
> >valid. Also historically valid was lower case mod, 2x processor speed up
> >and several different ones applied to the cassette read. This is an
> >athoritive statment as I was in the employ for TANDY from 1976 through
> >1979 and did consulting for another year after that.
> Exactly. For instance, I'm getting a A2+ from Jeff Kaneko. At first, I
> just knew that I was getting a II+. That was it. Since then, I've been
> deligeted to find that it's 64K, has a DA/AD converter, serial cards, a
> Pocket Rocket language card, etc. installed. I asked for an Apple II+. I'm
> getting one. Sometimes, it's better than what you wanted, sometimes it's
> worse, sometimes it's just different.
> >If you say you wanted the "first trs80" you should have specified one
> >that must have the 170069A PWB, and no mods/option installed. That
> >would have gotten you a 4k L1 machine in the first production series
> >(under serial number 20,000 or so). You would have had to clarify if
> >serial number greater than 0 or 1 was acceptable. Your lack of
> >knowledge of RADIO SHACK computers and how they were sold from
> >introduction is your loss.
> As well as your apparant lack of flexability, and poor eMail writing skills.
> In any case, let us "BAD PEOPLE" who "don't care if we've got a conman
> on our hands" be bad people with a conman on our hands and STOP BITCHING
> ABOUT IT!!! Listen, you didn't get what you wanted. You did get what you
> asked for. Cord's been on this list a LOT longer than you have. If we
> annoy you, then unsubscribe. END OF STORY.
> Tim D. Hotze

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