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From: Enrico Tedeschi <>
Date: Sun Apr 12 16:13:02 1998

OK, as it looks like that anything I say is taken the wrong way, how about
asking the keeper of this list Mr.Bill Withson? I kept him informed all along
and he has witnessed what happened. Ask him. If he a man of honour (and I
believe he is) he will tell you, even if he might have to use some restrain
and discretion seeing the position he is in. You might have to go private on
this (if you care). Otherwise lets leave it at that.

Thank you for your interest.



Zane H. Healy wrote:
> It seems to me that there is a Historical solution for this problem, that I
> gather worked very well in the far distant past.
> Enrico has become SUCH a pain, and it seems like most of the traffic of
> late is a result of his insistence not to let this drop. While he may or
> may not have a valid problem, I no longer care, and based on the way he's
> acting I would suspect the problem is on his end. Because of all of this
> I'd like to propose a rather drastic solution
> Shun Him! (in other words ignore him totally)
> As far as I'm concerned from this point onward Enrico does not exist.
> Zane
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