available items for trade

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Sun Apr 12 15:30:39 1998

Available for trade:

I have two computer memories hard disks of unknown origins. they are
available as the processors on them are 6803s and 6522s in sockets and
good for 6800 hacking. These are 1983-85 vintage.

Also available for trade:

Several copies of CP/M-80 2.2 manuals

The programmers CP/M handbook (Osborne Associates, Andy Johnson-laird)
 -- next to cpm alteration guide a must have for bios design. --

mix of other DRI cpm manuals (sid, ddt, mac...), *star manauls (Wordstar,
calcstar...), DbaseII and more.

Roughly 33 boxes of 8" disks with CP/M CPMUG and SIGM volumes on them.
This is a major cache of CPM software only exceeded by what on the WC

Two Visual 1050s, local only too heavy to ship monitor safely. These are
CP/M-3 z80 systems with a 6502 doing the video (with graphics) in a pizza
box case, two 5.25 floppies, provisions for hard disk and matching monitor
and keyboard. I may be able to configure one 10mb hard disk. Disks and
docs (including slipcase manuals) for them as well.

Two 8" disks in cases(power supply) sa800s both working, to heavy to
ship safely (opinion).

One CCS 2200 s100 system (CCS cpu, discus controller, CCS floppy
controller, CCS 4 port serial) and manuals. Circa 1980, shippable at
high cost.

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