Reliability of floppy drives

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sun Apr 12 18:42:06 1998

<I have had too many 3.5" disks go bad, some my own, some not, not
<to ask why. I mean, is it just a property of 3.5" disks to be
<unreliable, or is something else? Are there any "industrial quality"
<drives/disks that are reasonably reliable?

It's something your doing as I've found 3.5" media to be about as
reliable as I can ask for meaning they are amoung the best. Then
again I also have 20year old 8" media that's still in use. There is no
such thing as industrial strength drives or media.

Heat and dirt are the biggest killers. All my systems use sony or teac
drive as they are a bit better constructed and were available. However I
ahve a 19$ drive that has been in use for about five years and refuses to
quit! Im not timid about blowing out the dust and cleaning vents either!

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