Modem for Apple ][gs?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Apr 13 01:24:14 1998

>Also, I have several old Hayes 2400 baud external modems.... would
>these be compatible with the Apple ][gs? What else would I need to
>get this modem setup on that system?

About a year ago for the fun of it, I hooked up an external Practical
Peripherals 14.4 modem (nicest modem I've ever owned with nice informative
text display) to a ][gs I've got and was able to use it with no problem.
Just need a Macintosh Modem cable (gotta love the ][gs).

The Hayes should work just fine, but if you can, I'd recommend faster.

There is a bunch of software available. I'm afraid I don't remember what
terminal software I was using, or where I got it. I was using it to dial
into a UNIX machine at work, so VT100 emulation was important. Been a
while since I've had the space to have the ][gs set up.


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