5150 was Re: Asshole bites the dust

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bbtel.com>
Date: Mon Apr 13 08:44:10 1998

Lawrence Walker wrote:

> On 12 Apr 98 at 15:14, Tony Duell wrote:
> Did IBM ever really put out a cassette for the 5150's ? Knowing "Big Blue"
> that must have been a very impressive and expensive tape-mchn. How was this
> port accessed ? Does anyone know what " hacks" were done or possible on
> this I/O ?

There eveidentally was as a load of equipment I obtained last year included a
cassette drive that was marked IBM and had the DIN plug on it. I didn't hang onto
it as someone that had previously stored the load of equipment was nice enough to
apparently use the cassette as a wheel chock so therefore it was slightly out of
square. Of course it became part of our ever continuing history buried in
numerous landfills across the US.

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