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From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Apr 13 17:17:07 1998

<Actually, the PDT 11/150 ran quite well once they came out. I ran one fo
<three years under RT11 with FB and multiterminal support. It's biggest
<problem was comm overruns/underruns because the I/O was all handled by a
<8080 (or was it an 8085). The 11/130 used DECtapes and the 11/110 was

It used an 8085, and the manual stated the limits of the serial ports.
However if the correct handshake was used it could run pretty fast.

<The biggest problem with the PDT was the price, the fact it was not
<easily expandable by third parties (no Qbus) and slow.

Such was the ways of DEC at the time. Then again what would be added?

<DEC repeated some of the same mistakes in the PC line in the 80's. (no
<QBUS on the Pro, special i/o drivers, non-standard OS version).

The pro used a better form factor than Qbus, otherwise it would have been
huge. If you needed Q there was always the ba11 series boxen. POS on the
other hand was strange.

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