AE Z-80 for Apple ][e

From: Nick Amato <>
Date: Mon Apr 13 21:55:29 1998


One of the fruits of a dumpster dive this weekend was an Apple ][e
in pristine condition, without a display.

There's an "AE Z-80 plus" card in it. It's made by Applied Engineering
and the date codes are 82-83. Did this card facilitate TRS-80
emulation, or did it just allow one to run things that needed more
power than the 6502?

Of course I have no use or interest in this machine. If you'd
like it I'd gladly send it to you for some small trade. I will
also include the "Dumpling GX" card, the "MICRO-SCI" card (a memory
expansion?) and/or the power supply.


P.S. Is any of this stuff rare?
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