BYTE mags available in Modesto, CA

From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Tue Apr 14 00:33:48 1998

Last week I drove (and drove) to Modesto for that collection of BYTEs I
mentioned in a previous message. What I didn't mention was that all of
them didn't fit in my Miata (not a great ClassicCmp car, but then I
collect portables).

So... If somebody is willing to drive out to Modesto to pick up the
remainder of the BYTEs, approximately 91-present, they'll be there for
another week or so before they get thrown out. (I find these to be great
historical references, and if you think the 90's were boring, maybe you
won't think so 10 years from now.)

Send me email if you want the prof's email address.

-- Doug
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