AT&T 6300 PSU Question

From: David Williams <>
Date: Mon Apr 13 20:07:41 1998

On 14 Apr 98 at 1:57, wrote:

> Wow! Looks like something have exploded inside and left there,
> eating away those metals...or a cat had sprayed it or mouse have
> known to get inside via a open card slot and pee. And leave rice
> sized BM's inside. This kind of corrsion looks like much liquid have
> left in there, judging by the patterns of corrsion. Did something
> have dripped on that computer? High humidry is out, you have good
> metals anywhere else because I had some that was stored inside a
> closet with high humidry and came out heavily corroded clone power
> supply box.

I thought about that but the system has been sealed fairly well since
I put it in my climate controlled storage space. Still, it does look
like something was spilt on it. No open slots or anything so I don't
know what could have gotten inside.

I have another AT&T PSU I've been using to power the hard drive on my
Amiga 1000. I may find a new power supply for the hard drive and use
that one as a replacement for the corroded one. Still, it would be
nice to know if something was dumped inside or the PSU itself
released something.

> BTW, what kind of camera and type of lens used you have used to take
> this pics? That's very close up work and very sharp.

I used a Kodak DC210 digital camera I borrowed from work. It's an
$800 camera so I'd hope it would take decent pictures. :-) I'm using
it to redo most of the images on my web site. It's a great camera.
And those images were taken at it's lower resolution.

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