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From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue Apr 14 10:06:46 1998

<years. It happened shortly after NSF lifted the ban on commercial traffi
<and the 'net became better known to the public. Sure enough, a bunch of
<marketeers with more greed than brains saw Usenet as a vast new territor
<instead of what it was intended to be.

Try about 5-6 years and it was there before but you could get the offender
tossed before that. Also When AOL opened to the net it seemed to add to
the fray.

<The spam started. It has been throttled back to a degree, thanks largel
<to the efforts of the anti-spam crowd (consisting mainly of sysadmins), b

I haven't seen it slow. I've just about stopped posting in newsgroups
and stay away from many web pages where they appear to do address capture.
I don't even write in maillists (alt.sys.PDP8 to name one) that echo to
newsgroups for the same reason. I'm tired of getting junkmail from that really isn't earthlink and is likely a man.
Even with reducing presence and using munged address in most places I
still get the crap.

I can live with commercial but the sex for sale is unacceptable.

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