tractor feeders| Warning, DEC War Story...

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue Apr 14 22:22:43 1998

<programmer would inadvertantly spool a "binary file" to a lineprinter.. W
<an individual, in the Maynard (Ma. DEC), at one point in time, spool a jo

<the printer that hung off the DECsystem 1090 (serious tractor feeds on th
<unit!) that took a day and a half, and consumed 24 boxes of "greenbar" (

Likely an LP26 or lp14, serious chainsaw (a device than changes trees to
useless pulp).

<have known some of the participants, they used to reside on ML3-6... Sorr
<I digressed too far off topic...

Hahaha!!! YES! than one was infamous!

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