Floor testing

From: Kip Crosby <engine_at_chac.org>
Date: Tue Apr 14 23:38:56 1998

At 23:07 4/14/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Ouch!!!. Even my standard test for floor loading wouldn't have found that
>(= Jump up and down hard. If the floor doesn't give way, put the machine
>on it and jump up and down again. If it's still OK, it'll probably stay
>that way).

You would have liked the storage that the CHAC almost got at the old U. S.
Navy base called Hunters Point, on the southeast coast of San Francisco.
It was built between 1938 and 1941, all reinforced concrete, and still had
yellow-and-black signs all around giving a "not to exceed" on floor
loading. On the bottom two floors it was 1000 lb/sq ft and on the top two

Unfortunately, at the last minute they backed out of giving us this
building and wanted to sell it to us instead, and $850,000 was a bit rich
for our blood :-)

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