The PC's Soviet?

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Wed Apr 15 17:56:38 1998

>I seem to recall reading somewhere (BYTE ~1985 ?) that Soviet made CPUs
>(6502 clones?) were so poorly maid that they individually came with a
>list of which instuctions worked and which didn't. Also seem to
>an article on the soviet Apple ][ clone of the time (CPU on a large
>daughterboard, pirated ROM, cost approx US $20,000)
>-Matt Pritchard
>Graphics Engine and Optimization Specialist
>MS Age of Empires & Age of Empires ][

All right, I have taken this for a while, but no more. This ignorance
about Soviet technology and abilities is ridiculous. I think you
people have kept your anti-communist opinions along with you IBM

Although the USSR certainly had ridiculous administration, and its
technology was not very modern, there were many advances by the
soviet union, and it now has just as much technology as the US.

Lastly, the US scored below Russia in third grade math tests. Also,
a LOT of modern programmers are Russian. Most Russian immigrants
I know deal with computers.

When I was in first grade (1990), we were first led into our school's
new computer room. It had a classroom of terminals (in plywood cases),
and a punched card machine. My young mind could not discern any other

I don't mean to be ridiculous, but please be a bit more careful,

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