New Finds Last two days

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Wed Apr 15 21:23:29 1998

Starting Tuesday I have come across a few nice finds at very low prices,
here is a small sample: Televideo model 910 terminal; NCR workstation
C-256/89 no kb came with it; MicroNet ext HD; Apple tape Backup unit 40sc;
Apple modem power supply M0174; LN03R Scriptprinter Operator guide; HP85;
digital RX02 drive unit model RX02M-EA; Sun tape unit model 511; HP 9121 FD
drive unit model D; HP 82901M; HP 1615A Logic Analyzer; HP 9920A unit;
Fluke 2240B Datalogger; HP 9826; HP 86B;several old Mac KB's for model 128
and Plus; and several other items and manuals. The entire load set me back
$26. Will get around to testing these items someday. Keep Computing John
Received on Wed Apr 15 1998 - 21:23:29 BST

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