The PC's Soviet?

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed Apr 15 23:12:00 1998

Hotze wrote:

> Anyone seen Goldeneye? ;-) So that part about the MiG's crashing and that
> helicopter not... fake?

One of the Bond/Bond type movies showed a group jamming an air lauched cruise
and running them into the water where they retreived them. While they had the
"W80" marking on the warhead correct, the idea of causing a missile that's
preprogrammed and using radar as a backup or enhancement to navigation is BS

Not on topic some of you say? How do you think these missiles get around?
Computers! Not classic? The SRAM was built in the era of 1972-74 and developed
in the late 60's. I think this qualifies, although not a computer many of us
want to collect.
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