The PC's Soviet?

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Date: Wed Apr 15 22:26:19 1998

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>I seem to recall reading somewhere (BYTE ~1985 ?) that Soviet made CPUs
>(6502 clones?) were so poorly maid that they individually came with a
>list of which instuctions worked and which didn't. Also seem to recall
>an article on the soviet Apple ][ clone of the time (CPU on a large
>daughterboard, pirated ROM, cost approx US $20,000)

  I remember that article. The entire motherboard was pirated! Not just
the ROM. The tops of the ICs had been ground off to hide the fact that they
were US made parts.


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>> OK... I was talking to a Ukranian programmer, who told me that in 1968
>> the
>> PC was invented, not far from where he worked in Ukrane. Now, that's
>> 4
>> years before the microprocessor, but is it possible?
>> And this guy might be dilusional, he's VERY communist, but then
>> again,
>> at base, so am I, but with a democratic twist. Anyway, what's the
>> story
>> behind this?
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>> Tim D. Hotze
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