OT: Star Trek - Isolinear Storage

From: Hotze <photze_at_batelco.com.bh>
Date: Thu Apr 16 03:36:11 1998

>At 12:18 PM 4/12/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>A few years back I read a facinating article on holographic storage
>>Where the medium was a 'slide sized' wafer and was recorded and read
>>holographically using a laser beam. Being holographic in nature the
>>was way more then magnetic disc or CD. That was the closest that I've
read to
>>Star Trek like storage.
>There was a nice feature in Scientific American a few years back about
>holographic storage. Early 1995 i believe, possible 96.
    I remember last summer, there was something in CNN about Berkley (or one
of those California universities that you'd associate with
computers/technology) Developing a blue laser. This could radically change
everything, including DVD.

Tim D. Hotze
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