Warez?? Was: Re: James Willings still up?

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <DSEAGRAV_at_toad.xkl.com>
Date: Fri Apr 17 13:37:54 1998

[There are programs that convert a text file...]

Do they do ElITe CaPiTAlS too? :)

I think it's fun to tease the warez-lusers. What's even more fun is to give
one of them a shadowed password file, and watch them try to run crack on it..
Or give them my VAX's IP and watch them beat their brains out trying to break
in. Security through obscurity! I was told one of them tried winnuke...

"What the hell kind of unix is that?" -ZeROKewl, in the #warez channel on
dalnet, upon seeing Minako's login prompt (VAX/VMS)
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