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From: Pete Joules <>
Date: Fri Apr 17 16:50:55 1998

> From: Tony Duell <>

> The RA81 is _heavy_. If it's anything like the R80, then the official DEC

> procedure is to take out the HDA when mounting the drive, to make it
> light enough to handle.

Yes the manual says that for the RA81 as well. It also says that it weighs
148 lbs!

> Getting
> it onto the rails with 2 people holding it is next to impossible.

Done that after fetching the drive from the car in a wheelbarrow ;-). The
trick is to extend the rails (after extending the stabilising foot first)
and then lift from below so that your arms don't get tangled with the
rails. Once the drive is sitting on the rails squarely it is _fairly_
stable and can be juggled about to line up the screw holes.

As a point of interest the book says that the drive takes 18 amps for the
first four seconds whilst it is spinning up.

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