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From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bbtel.com>
Date: Sun Apr 19 08:52:04 1998

Bill Richman wrote:

> Were you going to provide some scanned pictures of these units? I'm
> still interested. Also, in your last message to me about these, you
> seemed to be saying you were selling BOTH the logic analyzers for
> $300, or was this $300 EACH?

I thought maybe you'd lost interest. I hadn't heard from you about whether
you could view graphics or recieve attached files (the people you figure
would - can't). I'll whip out the Polaroid today and get an overall shot and
a front panel shot then attach them to a reply to you.

The $300 was for EVERYTHING except the shipping. There are two KLA's at 65
lbs each and a box with manuals, software, cables, etc that weighs nearly 40
lbs. It shouldn't be too bad to UPS or USPS them to Nebraska but the last
person that inquired was in LA and it was sky high ($175 shipping).. UPS's
rate calculator shows each 65 lb analyser with $250 each in insurance (and
the fee added by the local shipping point) at roughly $20 each to you so
that's not bad at all. My first guess would be around $55-60 for total
shipping. The bad part is that it has to be shipped as 3 separate packages.
I'll have to get some of that sheet foam they use for house insulation to
pack it if you decide that you want them.

They are in great shape but I have absolutely no use for them and have to
reclaim what I have in them soon. I borrowed what I was short from a buddy
(he loaned me $300 to finalize my auction bid) and since a lot of the other
excess got swapped (such as the modem tester) I'm short of cash to finish
paying him in full. I've been giving him $25 a week but I hesistate giving
him cash from my working capital as it would leave me short on a large
project such as building a new machine.

I didn't notice before but you've got some really neat info on your web site.
That picture of the robot is Tobor, isn't it?
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