[getting old punched cards read]

From: Max Eskin <maxeskin_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sun Apr 19 09:43:04 1998

For one thing, why not build a reader? Ought to be a fun weekend
project ;) The other question is whether the Scantron units use
optics or electric sensors for checking multiple choice tests.
>The mark sense readers depend on a series of "timing marks" printed on
>(lower?) edge of the card in order to work and I don't think they're
>good at sensing anything but very dark marks (remember the "special"
>lead) pencils you had to use when you filled out those cards in grade
>Visit Doug Jones' web site and drop him an email. He's very interested
>punched cards and knows quite a bit about readers, old and new. And
>you're at it, invite him to subscribe to this list. ;)
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