How do I tell RSX11-M to make a RL02 bootable?

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Sun Apr 19 10:05:52 1998

Moving RSX from that RDwhatever that's making bearing noises to a RL02.
Copied all the data files and such to the RL, but the RL isn't bootable.
When I try booting it types ** THIS IS NOT A HARDWAREBOOTABLE VOLUME **
or something along those lines.
This is RSX11-M v4.1
It's a severely butchered configuration made for a graphics workstation
by Genigraphics, that I hope to try making useful.
If the command required doesn't exist, (Likely!) I cam reload RT-11
and kermit the RL up to a PC, put a bootblock on the front, download
it again, and go. Does that sound do-able?
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