Finally, a Next Computer

From: James Willing <>
Date: Sun Apr 19 00:13:33 1998

At 09:46 PM 4/18/98 -0700, Marvin wrote:
>I finally added a Next machine to the collection. A model N1200, it came
>with color monitor, speaker, keyboard, and mouse. A friend of mine saw two
>of them out at the University for $100 each and picked up both, one for him
>and one for me!!! Seems to work, but so far, no docs or additional software
>aside from what was installed on the machine. The only downside is the
>University engraved "UCSB MCL" on each piece of the system. Oh well, at
>least I have a working Next!

Congrats. They are neat units.

I just added a NeXT 'Cube' with printer to the collection (now I just need
to get a monitor ordered so I can fire it up).

Something just too appropriate about a computer that really is a big black
box! B^}


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