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From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Apr 20 11:13:58 1998

This is the case for the april early birds from what I saw last year.
As the season progresses (MIT is every month) the mix changes.

< He also had an 11/23 he wanted to sell for $100 and _wouldn't_
< budge. He told me they were 'classic' computers and could

If it were an 11/20 or 11/05 it's collectable.

Numb is correct. 11/23s are common as house flies and though they are very
classic and somewhat desireable for pdp-11 hackers he's out of his mind.
Last year there was someone there doing same and I ended up taking it home
for free as he couldn't bring it back. Now consider this he was offering
an 11/23 complete with RX02 and 2meg memory, plenty of serial IO and TWO
complete copies of RT-11v5, two sets of diagnostics disks and two RT11
doc sets.

If he parted it out and sold it to one of the used DEC resellers he might
get 100$ for the peices total.

<PS - I would have paid up to ~$20 for the 11/23, but $100?????

thats about right IF it's at least a complete CPU/mem/io/disk! With some
software and known operating $50 may not be out of line. more than that
it better be pristine, FULL COMPLETE DOCS and actually running.

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