From: Max Eskin <maxeskin_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Mon Apr 20 16:02:34 1998

I don't have much room, but thankfully, manuals are pretty rare.
But I think I wouldn't be able to tolerate having hundreds of manuals
for incredible machinery and never even seeing the machine.
>I grab any/all manuals (and data books, general computing books) that
>being thrown out, of course. I also buy just about any I see in
>second-hand bookshops.
>But I also buy a lot new. The IBM Techrefs, for example. I've probably
>spent more on manuals than on hardware over the years. Having complete
>and accurate documentation is very important.
The boston public library probably has more books on writing
computer manuals than any other single thing about computers.
>Hmm.. I'd rather have a schematic and a ROM listing with a brief
>description, however badly written to a lot of English prose that tells
>me nothing. Alas a lot of manuals and books are in the latter category.
>> Possibly the rare good ones become Sci-Fi writers :^)
So that's why the stories never make sense and have tiny chapters :)
>> ciao larry
>> lwalker_at_interlog.com

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