MIT Flea vs Trenton Fair this weekend

From: Bill/Carolyn Pechter <>
Date: Mon Apr 20 20:18:11 1998

> <Boy I'd pay $100 for a working PDP11/23 with RL02's (at least one workin
> <and bootable).
> <
> <Bill
> get out a scrounge around. 11/23s are common as house flies. you should
> be able to find one for free that is usable. The common problem is you
> can find just the cpu box (cpu, ram, IO, maybe disk controller) but no
> drives.

Up there maybe... down here in NJ they're rare. Sun boxes are
around (Sparc), I even saw DECstations, RS6000's but no good looking
Vaxes or 11's. I think the area scrapped most of 'em 4 years ago.

At this weekend's Trenton Fair (which used to have
8's, 11's and Vaxes -- nothing below a Microvax chassis...).

And this was a big DEC area until the late 80's. I worked it for years.

> The thing is with RX02s for $100 is possible, with RL02s no way. RL02
> drives used go for more than that alone. I'm looking for a RL02 drive
> myself as I only have one, they are scarce and expensive.
> SCSI boards and eithernet cards same thing, expensive. CPU boards, maybe
> $20-40.
> The problem is most cards compatable with an 11/23 are also compatable
> with most of the qbus VAX systems other than memory(usable but far too
> slow and limiting in other ways.).
> Allison

I turned down an 11/34 with RL02 for $25.00 four years ago because the
OS's weren't easy to come by and the boxes were larger than I could
transport in my compact car (at the time I didn't have my good old
DECwagon available).

Ah _at_!#$%^&. I could sure use it now.

This seemed to be the year of the $10 MacII at the show. I picked
up some Mac stuff for fun... but I'd love to populate my VT103 out.


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