Data General One

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Tue Apr 21 08:54:45 1998

There was no hard drive option available for this machine (unless there was
a third party outfit who offered an internal kludge or external unit.) Only
one _or_ two internal floppies plus the external floppy unit.

IIRC, the extra ribbon connector was for a memory expansion module.

Regards, Chris

At 15:21 20-04-98 -0700, you wrote:
>There's an interesting one. I only have two floppy drives. Where
>would the hard drive go? There's an extra ribbon plug on the MB,
>same as for the display and keyboard, what's that for?
>>I'd like the hard drive if it still works.
>>James L. Rice
>>Max Eskin wrote:
>>> I got a Data General One laptop that someone was using as a wheel-
>>> chock at a flea market. It has a smashed LCD, and won't start.

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