Cool find

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Tue Apr 21 19:25:55 1998

A few hours ago, I rescued from the trash a Data General
commemorative 5-year anniversary serving tray. It is a shallow
wooden box, 1' X 1.25' X 1", with handles on the narrow sides.
The inside bottom of the box, on which you would put the teapot
and so on, it says,"Data General Five Years of Service 1983".
Surrounding that text is a timeline of 1977-1978, with photos.
It starts with, "Corporate Quality Logo Chosen", and ends with
"Data General Weathers the Blizzard -Data General employees in the
northeast, particularly those in Massachusetts, have weathered what
is now being called 'The Blizzard of '78'.
 Many Employees were stranded at DG plants that were surrounded by
more than 20 inches of snow. In true DG fashion, everyone joined
together to make the best of it. DG sheltered many motorists who
found themselves stranded." -My abbreviations.

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