From: Jack Peacock <>
Date: Tue Apr 21 19:46:26 1998

From: Tony Duell []

I was once involved with a design when we needed a nasty function of 3
TTL level signals. There wasn't space for a lot of extra gate packages.
immediately said that I could do it in one single TTL package. One of
other designers (who is very clueful) said 'Oh, I suppose you want a TTL

PROM, or maybe one of those TI PALs with the 74-series numbers'. I said
'No, I can do it with a normal 16 pin TTL chip that doesn't have to go
a programmer first'. So, what was the chip ?

74LS138, 1 of 8 decoder, the three inputs go to A, B, C, all 8
possibilities decoded on the outputs.
        Jack Peacock
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