Week-end finds

From: Francois <fauradon_at_pclink.com>
Date: Tue Apr 21 23:21:37 1998

I just got back.
The Channel F is the first programmable color cartidge based video console.
It predates the Atari 2600 by about 1 year (1976). The controllers have 8
degrees of freedom: normal joystic directions plus twisting plus pushing up
or down.

The ISBN fo the Haddock is: 0-89689-098-8
Copyright 1993
The publisher is:
Books Americana, Inc.
P.O. Box 2326
Florence, Alabama 35630
And I still can't believe that the COCO had a 6899E for a processor :)
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>Max Eskin wrote:
>> Two questions: a) what is a channel F?
>It's a video game console. Older than the Atari 2600, I think it was
>the first programmable home system introduced.
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