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Date: Wed Apr 22 20:58:04 1998

On 21 Apr 98 at 15:30, Jack Peacock wrote:

> From: Max Eskin [mailto:maxeskin_at_hotmail.com]
> << I'm curious about the various home/small business computer standards.
> I know about the PC standard *sigh*. There was also the MSX standard
> which involved a Z80 and 64K ram, I think. What other ones were there?
> >>
> The SS-50, a competitor for the S-100 but using Motorola 6800 CPU, never
> really caught on. VME, an industrial bus still alive today, lots of
> different CPUs supported over the years, but it started with an Intel
> 8080. Motorola came up with a competing bus that looked very similar to
> S-100 except it used 86 pin bus, called Exor, something like that, never
> caught on either, though Motorola did their best to promote it for a
> while.
> Jack Peacock
  How would you identify these busses ? More particularly I'm wondering
whether the Wang PC I picked up was an Exor or ss50. It's not the standard
configuration. Uses upright 1/2 cards , has some Zilogs , Motorolas, and an
8086. I've heard Wang was one of the most innovative companies. Could
they have cobbled together many of the existant technologies on this machine ?
 It obviously is not a clone.

ciao larry

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