[getting old punched cards read]

From: Max Eskin <maxeskin_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed Apr 22 11:17:27 1998

Have you considered doing this for acoustic delay lines?
Actually, I was thinking about making an emulator that would use
.WAV files instead of .T64 or whatever.
>too. However, I could generalize and say they were all DOS-based,
>written in Pascal or assembler, don't come with source code, have
>poor documentation, etc. and I want to roll my own in straight portable
>I'd rather make it general to handle old S-100 tapes, C-64 tapes, etc.
>instead of just hard-coding one flavor. It should be ready in
>the year 2010.

Don't bet on it. I have a book that predicted quality software by
1990. Seriously, though, I don't think collectors are in danger of
making their hobby worthless by saving too much. I doubt you will see
an "extra" C-64 in 2010. They will all be in the hands of collectors
or landfills.
>rescue old data. Sure, QuickCams are nearly disposable now. Cheap
>$1,500 PCs include them these days. Five years from now, they'll be
>embedded in cheap monitors. Ten years from now, they'll be in cereal
>boxes. Unless the hobby of collecting computer junk is adopted by
>Hollywood stars, I humbly suggest that it will be at least *more
>for you to find spares for your original equipment than it will be
>for me to find something that could deliver a bitmap by looking
>at my punched card. :-)
>- John
>Jefferson Computer Museum <http://www.threedee.com/jcm>

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