PDP-11 = Pentium Killer?

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Wed Apr 22 18:13:01 1998

After your done laughing remember this...

At the time the VAX was new in the market the PDP-11 group took most of
their standard 11/70 peices and cooked up the 11/74 which was a 4cpu SMP
11/70 and could eat vaxen(11/780) for snacks. That was it's demise...
there were only four working 11/74s built before that was crushed.

<Hmm, refresh my memory, now what were the PDP-11 instructions to
<directly address 4GB of memory? I can't seem to recall any 32 bit
<address registers.

Look in the VAX archectecture book.

<Darn. I've really lost it...how did the virtual memory hardware work in
<a PDP-11?

Nicely (again the vax is a mostly stretched 11).

<Seriously, if you mean the sorta RISC like instruction set in the 11 is

RISC?????? PDP-11 is the most CISC machine in the 16bit realm. What
other 16bitter is a two address orthoginal machine?

<better than the x86 set, then DEC probably would have come up with
<something like that. Course, with extra silicon, they could have gone
<to 64 bits, and put more cache onboard, then clock it really fast. Then
<come up with some catchy marketing name, like Gamma, or Beta, or ....

They did called it VAX and when it came time to outvax VAX then comes

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