From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Wed Apr 22 21:26:27 1998

<> used to'. Now, admittedly you don't generally see the schematics of a
<> microprocesor (although I have understood minis to gate level), but
<> there's nothing magic about a CPU.

I have and they are really strange as many use dynamic storage cells
for registers and the like.

I did my EE training in the early 70s and computer meant the DEC-10,
PDP-8 or the S370s behind glass. I was doing mostly analog stuff in
the labs till I started squawking. They had be blinking neon lights
and to pay tuition I was designing 4cx250 pushpull amps at 460mhz and
my own UHF frequency counter. Before I'd left that I was doing 8008
designs and they were talking sequential logic.

To this day my favorite two programming languages are solder and

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