More portables

From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Thu Apr 23 03:39:18 1998

I added some modern-yet-collectible portables to my collection in the last

* A Data General WalkAbout portable terminal. Anybody seen one of these
before? No more VT100's for me! This thing weighs less than 4 lbs,
emulates a couple of terminals, and has 64K of RAM to support an utterly
useless "notepad" app. I'd like to be able to associate a date with this
thing -- I'm guessing late 80's.

* A Motorola Marco. Take one radio modem, one newton, a hefty NiCd, and
blend. A completely obsolete toy from 1994.

* You prefer Magic Cap, you say? OK, one Motorola Envoy.

* And my favorite, yet it was orphaned by Apple just a month ago: an
eMate 300. I'm now convinced that all computers should be translucent
green. (BTW, this was a great bargain. It's a little-known secret that
CompUSA is blowing these things out at $299 and including a free Toshiba
PDR-2 digital camera in the deal (until tomorrow).)

* And I've finally got a PX-8 on it's way to me! Now I only need an NEC
8500 to complete my CP/M laptop collection (talk to me if you want to
trade yours in for an upgrade).

-- Doug

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