NEC PC-6001A

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Apr 23 17:15:25 1998

At 02:30 PM 4/23/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Anyone have any info on a NEC PC-6001A?

  No, but I have a technical manual for a NEC 8801 and it has a description
of the four expansion slots in the 8801. Each slot has two rows of 36
contacts. Does that sound the same as your's? The manual says that these
slots are upward compatible with the PC 8012 bus, whatever that is. The
8801 is desktop computer with Z-80 clone CPU.


 It has what looks like a
>cartdrige or expansion port on the side and 2 joystick ports on the
>other side. Along the rear are printer, tape, audio out, rf out,
>video out and a volume control. Looks like it has a place for an
>optional RS-232 port but this one doesn't have it.
>Any info on this machine would be welcome; cpu, os, etc. Also, if
>someone knows the pin outs for the printer and tape ports, that would
>be helpful too.
>David Williams - Computer Packrat
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