Joke about Wrist Computer

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Thu Apr 23 21:41:26 1998

Jeff Kaneko wrote:
> > A friend of mine has a joke that goes something like "In ten years
> > we'll have a wrist computer with the horsepower of today's $5,000
> > workstation, voice recognition, holographic memory, etc. but there
> > will still be an obscure way to get back to the C: prompt."
> Yeah, there will be a way to get back to the prompt allright-- via
> the GPF mechanism in Windoze '08! (Just reboot -- Don't worry, be
> happy).

Right. Like a GPF in any older version of Windoze will let you get
to a DOS prompt. Remember, "officially" Windows 95 and NT don't run
on top of an MS-DOS floor like Windows 3.1[01] did. A 3.1 crash
means a reboot, not a C: prompt, 97 times out of 100. A 95 or NT
crash gives worse odds. At least before 95 and NT, Windows could be
left out of the boot process with a simple change to AUTOEXEC.BAT.
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