Copyrights, again...

From: Larry Anderson <>
Date: Thu Apr 23 23:03:30 1998

As I was saying there was no clue to who owns Commodore *-Bit technology I
received this message from the CBM-Hackers maillist:

> Subject: Copyrights Commodore
> Date: Fri, 24 Apr 98 20:47:52 GMT
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> To: (c64-maillist)
> Hallo allemaal,
> I just got some interesting news from my friend Wim. We both are members of the
> border (???) of the Commodore GG (= User Group). As largest Commodore group
> here in Holland and due to other reasons as well, we have established close
> contacts with Tulip ie. Commodore.
> Wim got an official letter of Tulip saying that they own all the rights of all
> Commodores through out of the world with exception of the Amiga. So now we know.
> Next question is if we can get permission to continue the activities we employ
> like placing ROMs, sourcelistings etc. on the net. I already had an unofficial
> answer ("We don't mind as long it is not commercial") but an official one would
> be better.
> Groetjes, ruud

So I guess there is hope for us classic computing fans after all! :)
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