[getting old punched cards read]

From: Greg Troutman <mor_at_crl.com>
Date: Fri Apr 24 00:24:28 1998

Captain Napalm wrote:

> strcpy() (at least on my compiler) will crash if any of the parameters are
> NULL pointers, and strtok() will return a NULL pointer if no more tokens
> exist in the given string.
> -spc (There may be other bugs lurking, but this one bit fairly easily ...)

Never mind the bugs, how about a mod to make Tarbell tapes ;)

BTW, I compiled this program without a hitch on Linux GCC, and have used
it about a hundred times a day for nearly two years of writing Atari
2600 games... Whatever bugs are in there, I can live with!

Oh yeah, and for those so-inclined, there are two upgrades that spool
the audio straight out during the conversion so you don't have to keep
the trillion byte .WAV files on disk. One is for a Windows on a fast
pentium machine, and the other one is for................... COMMODORE
64! Put that in your SID-pipe and smoke it ;)

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