Year 2000 Bounty

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Fri Apr 24 12:30:42 1998

> I don't know...but if these old machines are still turning up regularly
> here and there then that's a hint, and you'd be surprised actually at the
> number of companies (perhaps mostly smaller ones) that are still using
> those machines for a specific application. And since if it ain't broke,
> don't fix it, they figured they'd use it until it just up and died, or
> until they HAD to upgrade.

Oh yes, there still are some of the 15 or 20 year old beasts running. The
air traffic control system is on ca. 1982 IBM 3081 water-machines, and
there are plenty of 3090s going. I think there are even a few Cyber 180s
chugging away (and how I lust for one!). I would not be at all suprised if
there are still one or two S/370s or Univacs still going as well.

The business minis, however, are hitting the scrap yards in record

William Donzelli
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