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   :The PDP-11 architecture has only 7 GP registers (since you can't
   :really use the PC for just anything) but that's good for the times,
   :and they really are interchangable, so I'd be willing to argue that
   :it wins on that.

and having the PC as part of the general register set - even if it is a
bit limited in what you can do with it - is a huge design win; you can
lose an awful lot of PC-specific instructions that way. the SOAR used
such an idea, if memory serves.

   :Similar, but in many ways quite different. I just had this
   :argument (from a somewhat different point of view) on another
   :mailing list. The 68K is much more like a PDP-11 than anything
   :else, but it has a lot of clutter added.

what about the CP1600?

   :That's my third of a tanner.

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