Osborne 1 for $1000?

From: Gary Oliver <go_at_ao.com>
Date: Fri Apr 24 15:12:15 1998

In a private exchange with Dan, we discovered we both have Osborne 1 computers
with very similar serial number. I have a light brown machine with "A 00547"
while he has one with "CA 000547". It brings to mind the question of what
serial numbers were used for the Osbornes at what time. Does anyone have any
definitive information about this?

I "inherited" mine with the above serial number (inherited may be the
wrong word - a friend heard I "collected" and found an easy disposal I
think :-)
and am now wondering just when it was produced. I'm not a student of the
so don't know when case styles changed and all that. Mine appears to be "hand
made" in that there are obvious "hand carvings" on the molded brown case. And
there appear to to some drilled holes that were "a little off target."

Nevertheless it works fine and I've having fun with it.


At 05:57 PM 4/23/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I actually have a few of osbornes (inc a 5xx serial numbered one :) and
I'd love
>to trade one of them for (not the 5xx serial numbered one) for other
>classic computer stuff. The one I'm thinking about trading has an Oscool fan
>attached to it also. Any offers entertained (trades, not cash).
> Dan
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