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From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Fri Apr 24 16:09:52 1998

At 11:53 24-04-98 -0700, Don Maslin wrote:
>On Fri, 24 Apr 1998, Pete Turnbull wrote:
>> On Apr 24, 15:38, Hotze wrote:
>> > This is very off topic, but anyway: Write a letter to the government.
>> Writing to *my* government isn't likely to do much good against most spam,
>> which tends to originate from US sites. All the UK ISPs I know of have an
>> anti-spam policy anyway.
>> > Reply to the spammers,
>> Not often a good idea, since the consensus seems to be that responses
>> merely confirm that the address they used is (still) valid.
>True! However, in some cases e-mail with a copy of the spam or UCE to
>the postmaster of the ISP has been productive. In the case of known spam
>centers though, it is likely a BIG mistake.
> - don

Yeah, Don, I think you're right. I've been infuriated enough at spammers to
think of such things plus mail-bombing, etc. But the discussion in the
following URL shows us if we privately vent our rage at the more
sophisticated spam centers it really could be a mistake.

Take a look at . Read the text on the
main page you'll first see in this URL. This outfit has obviously done
quite a study on spamming and offers rather realistic advice as to handling
certain types of spammers. Offers some s/w to help deal with them too if
one is inclined to go that far.

Look at the picture at the top of their page above the text which shows a
can of a certain thing which was cutoff from a spammer. Serving suggestion
shows it on a silver tray. Isn't that a hoot!

By the way, I got spammed heavily when I first started partaking in usenet
discussions. I got nailed with literally dozens of spam trash each of the
next several days. I soon learned that by setting my 'from:' and 'reply to:
' fields to would fairly quickly stop the trash
haul. Thank heaven it seems most if not all spammers do not troll the
Internet for email addresses in SMTP-carried messages like this one.

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