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   :> I have: 1802, SC/MP, 6800, 6809, NEC D78PG11, 8748/9, 8751,
   :>8080/8085, z80, z180, z280, z8002, z8001, 808x, 8018x, 80286,
   :>80386, 80486 and the micro version of minis 6100(pdp-8),
   :>6120(PDP-8+EMA) TI9900, PDP11(T-11, F11, J-11).

   :Showoff :-) No 8008? I always wanted a 4004 (anyone listening out
   :there, that's a hint) and an SC/MP. Anybody remember Fairchild F8's?

remember, no. heard of, yes. the Great CPU list is a wonderful thing...

   :> Now something with a MIPS chip, ARM, sparc or some such would be
   :>a great addition of a real RISC processor.

   :Well, I've got all of those, and my favourite is the ARM. I've had
   :to write MIPS assembler, and it's not great fun.

most risc processors are not fun to program in assembler. some risc
chips - notably the novix and a few other forth cpus - look like murder
to program. however, one of the design criteria of the arm was that it
was to be easy to program in assembler - and the instruction set
certainly suggests that it should be.

(not having one, we can't say "it is", but hopefully that will be
remedied before too long.)
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