Printer seen, DEC LP25

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Apr 25 20:39:10 1998

>Anyone (finger points at Allison) have any stories about them? It looked
>fairly serious.

Is that one of the printers that holds an entire box of wide format paper,
and is about 3x6x6 feet in size? I used to work with a couple Honeywell
Printers that size, and I know DEC made a simular model.

On the Honeywell printers, you dreaded a paper jam, especially if you
didn't catch it immediatly. It could pile up half a box of paper in the
top of the printer enclosure before you could get it stopped.

Then there were the "Paper Parties" that the day shift had, where we had to
haul 20-40 boxes of paper out to the computer room and stack it in a large
pile. Thankfully I usually worked the Evening and Midnight shifts, due to
personal preference. These "Paper Parties" were tame to the smaller ones
on the Aircraft Carrier I was on, there you had to climb up and down the
ladders with these large boxes of paper, and carry them over half the
length of the ship.


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